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Friday, 3 April 2015

An afternoon game in 'Splendor'

Grandma and Grandad came over for the afternoon, as Good Friday is a relaxing time to spend with family. So another opportunity to get a game out! I thought it was time to get out a simple, quickish play of Splendor.

This is a game that age seems to be no barrier...William has won 14 games on the trot! I would love to say that players have been kind and charitable to him being a young player - but that would be a lie!

We had a 4 player game. Opening moves seemed to see the usual gem hoarding. Grandad seemed to hold the most; however, like myself, he is colour blind so some choices at times seemed odd at best! (Sorry Dad, I have been just as vulnerable as well!).

After about 5 rounds of play the scores were;

William 3pts

Grandma 1pt

Lucy 1pt

Grandad 0pts but all the money!

All the players seemed to be having a run on collecting blue, but the game was being strangled by a lack of Grandad spending. As you could imagine, a lot of 'polite comments' were aimed at him to START SPENDING!

Lucy was spreading her choices across several colours..


Finally, after much gentle persuasion, Grandad coughed the cash; suddenly the floodgates were open!


At this stage, after a flurry of buying, the scores were:

William 9pts - and he's off!

Grandma 5pts - a steady progress

Lucy 1pt - sthrottled by a lack of available gems

Grandad 3pts and still most of the money!

The end game seemed to be approaching with Will emerging as the leader, with select choices of single colour purchases and use of gold from reserved cards. Grandma's hand seemed to be blocked by reserving high value cards early in the game. The luck did not fall for Lucy as she had pursued diamonds (white) with decent white cards not being revealed. Meanwhile, Grandad continued to hoard the gems...

So, in the end the point scores were...

William 15pts

Grandma 6pts

Lucy 4pts

Grandad 6pts

As ever, the final game discussions were:

Lucy - Beep! Beep!

William - Sweet, sweet victory; fifteen games on the trot!

Grandma - Ban Grandad from next game - he killed the action

Grandad - I play better when I understand it more!

Next game...Scrabble


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