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Friday, 3 April 2015

More Sci-fi buildings

Just finished the majority of the scratch built buildings I have. As promised, I have included some pictures using figures rather than vehicles.

Figures are a mixture. The humans on the landing pad are ARC troopers from Critical Mass Games, whilst the aliens are Marshborn from GZG.

I am always on the look out for kits and miniatures which can be used across scales. The picture below includes a GW Tau gunship which can double up nicely as a dropship in 15mm.

Some of the figures this time are from what are now known as 'Ion Age', those are the troops on the landing pad.

The robots are from GZG, these were bought and painted for a terminator v human project, with a corresponding set of home brewed rules (yet another set 'in development'!) set in Africa, hence allowing the use of my AK-47 collection. I thing that is known as making the most of what you have!

Just a couple of more photos of the above set-up; thanks Will for the technical direction and choice of figures. Next, a request for a friend who needs a little inspiration to put brush to the metal/plastic/resin...




  1. Great stuff Anthony,
    Like the way the colour of the buildings makes them look like they belong together.The use of Mantic's deadzone mat adds to the effect also.

    You might also check out my posts ...
    Keep it up

  2. Many thanks Angelo,
    Will check out your blogspot too!

  3. Looks great, very inspiring. Just curious, what is the source of the space 1999 Eagle?

  4. Really nice work Anthony.

    Would you be ok with me featuring your blog post on the official Ion Age blog?

    Ion Age is my own dream and it began with miniatures from HOF which you have but its a lot bigger now.


  5. For Irishserb...
    Woolworths, about 1976! It was bought for me as a birthday present and stayed in my toybox. Always a good source of kitbits.

  6. For Gavin,
    No problem, it's always nice to help others out. Thank you for politely asking about using the blog. I have some more painted figures I could use for you, just let me know. Also, let me know when you have listed my blog on your site.