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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Scratch - building buildings

Following on from my whim of 1/300th spacecraft lead me to whimsically thinking about other projects. As I had my weathering powders out, I remembered some 15mm buildings I had built and painted to a basic standard.

I had bought Will a Mantic Deadzone kickstarter for a birthday, and as part of the deal I bought some of the latex playmats. Being the wargaming magpie, I thought about how I could use 15mm with the mats. I think the results look okay.

My ultimate plan is to potentially use the grids on the mat to develop my own rules. If this comes to nothing, or I want to continue with my interest in 'Tomorrow's War', more's the better. The buildings were initially inspired by the skills showed on Matakashi's website. The use of cork floor tiles as the basic building blocks are a flexible, durable alternative to foam core.

Some of the building parts you might recognise as phone sockets; like many of us, we continually magpie odds and sods with an eye for a project (much to Lucy's ever growing patience). Currently collecting the lids from Innocent fruit juices as they could look good as simple emplacements. Hopefully I will get some more of the buildings finished and take some pictures with figures as well as vehicles. Unless I get distracted again...


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