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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Dungeoneering - Chibi style

In an attempt to try and 'close the gap' of unfinished projects, I have revisited a game nearly as old as the theme - 'Super Dungeon Explore' by Cool Minis or Not. I was so impressed by the styling of the miniatures in the game, and the fact that they were different to anything else around, I took the plunge and bought the base set.

My imagination was so fired, I also started to build a basic set of dungeon boards and walls to create my own dungeon set ups (the efforts of which, including the latest efforts) are seen in these pictures. Painting of the miniatures began with the usual gusto, with a a flurry of 8 or 9 miniatures being completed quickly. The brakes began when painting the player characters in the game. The Chibi heads lacked defined features, in keeping with the style of figure; the faces also have huge eyes requiring a steady hand to paint appropriately. So the initial flourish met the inevitable brakes, with the less than desired painting standard being achieved.

The box consequently languished, unfinished, on the shelf for a couple of years. Recently the same company has brought out another game with a similar style of minis; Arcadia Quest. Having read the reviews (and still liking the miniature style) I yet again plunged into the financial cliff dive, and bought the game. Certainly the level of complexity should suit our Sunday afternoon expeditions, and the miniatures are stunning too (another posting another time). So out from the dust and cobwebs came the old dungeon denizens, ready to be assaulted by my paintbrushes again!

I decided to aim to complete the remaining unpainted miniatures in a self imposed sweatshop. Locking myself to the kitchen table for several hours has just about completed the base set, with just 3 spawn points left to finish.

With a wave of enthusiasm, I played a quick game this afternoon with Will, Grandma and Grandad, initial responses were not positive of the rules, with the dungeon master initially appearing too strong. However after a couple of game rounds, with some interesting loot and treasure collected, attitudes became a little more positive, as the dungeon denizens fell quickly to fizzling magic or slashing blades. In the end, the mini-boss ( the beast in the first picture), easily fell to a combination of the Paladin's skills and a magic sword found in a treasure chest. A bit of an anti-climax. However I am sure that with a few more plays, the evilness of the dungeon master can turn up a few notches!

Whilst questing in Arcadia will catch the adventuring eye, you never know when the next set of mean creatures will appear...



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