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Sunday, 13 December 2015

Bringing Biblicals up to date.

The distraction continues with some more touching up and rebasing. First, some Assyrian medium infantry

I have often found getting a bright white quite difficult to achieve, so I used some of the thicker acrylic 'artiste' paints found in most retail shops. Using a block technique on the most visible, raised areas just seemed to have lift the colour. These gents also had their faces and weapons re-visited too.

Also finished some Hittites being used as vassal allies to the Assyrians. Didn't do the before picture on these as I forgot! They received the same treatment as the other miniatures mentioned. Just got a couple of chariots and infantry left to do. I've already done most of the remaining infantry at an earlier date. The army will have to muster to get some group photo shots.




  1. What colors were used on the bases.

  2. On a basic sand and cat litter base, I drybrushed the acrylic 'artiste' paint 'light grey'. I then picked out some of the cat litter with artiste 'white'. Then it was time for the static grass and bushes.