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Saturday, 12 December 2015

Dominion card game on IOS

This game has long been a family favourite. When the brain juices are low to learn something new, this is the game that we turn to. It's variety seems infinite (even though some cards are firm favourites) but always quick to understand. We have several, but not all, of the extensions. After several years of comedic anticipation, the game has finally made it onto the iPad...

The game is free to download and it includes the basic game. Therefore if you are new to the system, it's a risk free way of trying it out. After a simple sign up, you have access to games versus the computer or other human players. My only concern so far has been that at times it has been difficult to get the game started, presumably because of high demand on the game servers. After several repeated attempts, you can usually get in.

If you know how to play Dominion, the interface is quite intuitive. What makes the game really easy to play is that each card deck states the number of cards available. Also that when you play your cards, your actions, coins and buys are clearly show to keep the game running smoothly.

If you are uncertain about what each card does, a simple tap on the card in the supply deck shows an enlarged version. The artwork, whilst not as crisp, still gives the flavour and spirit of the game. I've played several games so far, including some online. For the first time, I combined the app, using facetime, to play Grandma with things moving smoothly; we played three games where the dialogue option really helped.

If you enjoy the game, there is an option to buy the expansions. You can purchase individual extensions or all at once. Whilst these seem expensive for in app purchases, for comparison you can have all extensions for about sixty pounds.

I can thoroughly recommend this game and advise you to give it a dabble...let your Dominion prosper!


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