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Thursday, 31 December 2015

Santa visits Boyes Superstore

I picked up from a thread on TMP that Boyes were selling the Plastic Soldier Company kits at half price. Well, that's just too good an opportunity to miss...A trip on Boxing Day to Grantham proved Santa is alive and well, as the feast above shows.

  • A box of five Churchills
  • A box of five Cromwells
  • A box of 5 allied M4A2 Shermans
  • A box of 5 allied M4A1 wet stowage Shermans
  • A box of 5 allied Sherman VC Fireflies
  • A box of 5 M3 halftracks
  • 2 boxes of late war British infantry
  • A box of MkIII panzers (couldn't leave out my Germans)

All this for ninety pounds! I've been lucky enough to receive some Chritmas money, so may well buy a few boxes more if possible. I've nearly built all the vehicles, except for 4 Fireflies. It's been a labor of love, with gluey fingers and super glue induced headaches, but at least I'm almost ready for painting. I quite enjoy vehicles as I have a certain formula which seems to work. Here's two of the built batches:


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