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Sunday, 13 December 2015

It's a 'Wonder' we played today...

I recently ran a game for a group of friends and colleagues who aren't overly experienced with boardgames. With six people to cater for, I came up with the game '7 Wonders'. After a quick re-read of the rules, the game went well. Because I had invested the time in remembering the rules, it seemed sensible to make it the Sunday afternoon game.

Wills had a friend over for a sleep over, so we had a six player game with Lucy, Grandma, Grandad and myself. The game went well with fresh and old minds retracing how the game worked. The variety of options and choices leaves the game very open, without any player being really clear on their scoring position.

The game finished very close with 4 players finishing within 5 points of each other. The game I played earlier in the week was decided by a single coin, when two players finished on the same number of victory points. Here's how my Empire finished, close to the end of the third age.

The afternoon was finished off by introducing Sam to a game of 'Sheriff of Nottingham'. His own statement 'I don't accept bribes' - oh, how that changed!


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