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Sunday, 22 February 2015

A Friend's Request


Just had a phone call from a friend who has moved onto pastures new (French pastures to be exact). Like myself, he has started, finished and restarted several affliction which affects us all!

He is re-starting a World War Two Project. Many moons ago we shared this project with a couple of other friends, just before Battlefront became popular across the hobby. So much so that I remember a road trip to a wargames shop in Ilkley with the guys, each of us clutching a wad of cash to buy the Battlefront miniatures, as very few stockists were available at that time...oh, how times change!

He wants advice on which miniatures are now useful as there is a much greater choice in 15mm. I have models by several manufacturers, as such I feel Plastic Soldier Company miniatures are a good balance between cost and quality.

So the pictures here are a box of the 15mm T34s, built and painted. Sometimes a picture says a thousand words, so I hope this helps...



  1. Thanks le Antoine ... yes they look nice !... so ... Sherman time !!! ....

  2. Cheers me dears; a tank company at 1:1 scale? Just for starters...