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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Solo test play of Blucher rules


I have been reading the rules for Blucher. As ever, you only know if you understand the rules with a quick play through. I thought about having a go with Darran, however sometimes things speed up if you have a go yourself. I've got some really simple terrain boards I made for an after school club; they fit perfectly with the simple iconography of the unit cards from the 100 days supplement.


The rules play easily and quickly. I have only needed to refer to the main rule book once or twice. The reference sheets generally give you all the information you need. Shooting is simple and quick to resolve. Generally the defender gets a first shooting opportunity as the attacker moves into position. Close combat is a little trickier to organize, but the mechanics are still fairly easy to manage. Close combat reminds me of Armarti where attacking dice can be split between two units, therefore overlaps become important to gain those extra dice.

Playing solo takes away some of the mystery as you know both the momentum and identity of both sides, therefore I'm looking forward to playing with an opponent.

I'm certainly not a Napoleonic grognard, but the rules play simply and effectively, they should suit quick games, large games and multiplayer sessions. Also the pre-game mini-campaign should add interest to initial terrain and army deployment. Will look even better with miniatures; must carry on the rebasing project...



  1. Oh no!!! Not more figures,I do have 6mm Prussians

  2. Would fit as solid allies for my Russians Daz...