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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Preparing for Blucher's arrival...

Well, I've talked about gaming and thought maybe it's time to show something.

Like many gamers I know my figure collection is littered with unfinished projects; this is one of those many examples. Many years ago myself and three friends decided to venture into a 'large scale, small sized' napoleonic venture. Now one of those friends lives in France, one got bored with the period and the other sold on his small collection...but I could'nt let mine go.

Recently I have become a fan of Sam Mustafa's series of rules. 18th century warfare is not my main passion, but I have enjoyed playing Fire and Fury ACW. As such I've played Sam's Longstreet rules which I have enjoyed playing a lot. His rule systems remind me of older systems such as Tactica, Armarti and Shako.

For me, playing a game needs to eloquently and simply portray a period that allows gamers to enjoy the story unfolding, without the need for endless rules searching and table consulting (I have played a lot of 'Advanced Squad Leader' so what do I know?). I also enjoy a rule set that easily allows multi players, as they have been some of my most memorable, enjoyable games played.

So now I am rebasing my Russians to use with Sam's newly realesed 'Blucher' rules. The rule system uses unit cards as either stand alone or part of a miniature experience. My plan is to stick clear card sleeves under the bases which will allow the unit cards to be slipped inside for record keeping purposes.

I'm going to grind my teeth on the 100 Days supplement to learn the rules whilst giving time to continue the rebasing project. I'll post more pictures as the units come...



  1. These have come on nicely, since the last time I saw them. How many have you got left to paint to game 'The 100 Days'? Entirely your project this mate, not venturing into Napoleonic's in any size....

    You mentioned unfinished projects - thought you might be interested to know, I've finally finished painting your 15mm Fuzzy Wuzzies - just the basing, the building's, the civilians & their camels, the vignette's, the terrain (Sahara, R. Nile & cataracts, Khartoum, the odd oasis) and a scratch built gun boat to go.......

    General Gordon will ride again though & we will clash at Omdurman one day (Will can join in, he'll probably be about 25).

    Just had a final thought about those nice Napoleonic's - Not sure they would have had blanket rolls that colour - RUINS THEM ! LOL - regards Stewart.