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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Arise the undead!


Yet another rebasing project. I seem to spend more time rebasing than painting. I do find it a little therapeutic though; must be mad!

I've been rebasing a lot of my figures as I have been wrangling with the look versus functionality. Over the last few years I have gamed a lot on hex boards (thank you Kallistra!) as it speeds up play and reduces rules debates. Initially I placed my figures on circles to create little vignettes.

However in basing this way created some limitations when using other rules systems. As many rules now use 'large' bases for visual impact and allow basing that is uniform I have balanced this out with my own 'hex' preferences.

So now I am basing on 10cm by 5cm. This fills a hex to make battle lines on the table, but also allow the figures to be used for rules such as Impetus or Pendraken's new rules called Warband (yet another purchasing opportunity). Well that's the plan until the next basing fad overtakes me again!


1 comment:

  1. Well I'm not mad enough to rebase mine again, they are staying on circles. Tony are these 15mm undead? If you still fancy a game of fantasy C & C one evening, let me know. My Mythical Army, or Barbarians, will be happy to plant them again for you.