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Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Battle of the Five Armies Boardgame


Having a game of 'battle of the Five Armies' later in the week so I thought I might introduce the game. It's an epic struggle of orcs and dwarfs, elves and lake men, heroes and villains, and interweaving, dramatic events. It is a well paced game which ebbs and flows between the two warring parties, where the main story characters influence the final outcome for the ultimate prize of Smaug's gold.

The gameplay is driven by a game time clock which encourages, if not forces, the evil player to set the tempo. Their mission is to claim the settlements and fortifications on the board. Within each turn the players need to manage their actions through a set of special dice. These dice allow players to move and attack with their armies, muster new troops or invoke story cards which hinder the Plans of the nefarious opponent.


Whilst mighty armies fight for control of key areas, characters such as Gandalf, Thranduil and Bolg strive to lead their sides to victory. Even diminutive Bilbo can bolster the side of Good when needed. And then there is the unstoppable powerhouse which is Beorn...

I will let you know the story retold once the events have been scribed (or written on my IPad, which ever you prefer!).


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