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Monday, 4 May 2015

Arcadia 'Green Team'

All good heroes need some bad guys to show just how brave they are...and here are the 'B Team'. Where would adventurers be without the green skins to grind their shiny, new equipment on?

The first willing victim is the goblin; these figures have nice personality, with a particularly nasty facial expression. Whilst there is not too much detail on the figure, they seemed to take quite some time to finish. I do like the eyes on all of the figures in the game, even if I do have some difficulty focussing on the paintbrush to put the pupils on!

The larger Orc cousins are a bit of a tougher proposition in the City of Arcadia, they come in the simple, brutish flavour of Orc Marauder, with a slightly more refined beast of the Orc Captain (with a free dice re-roll).

Painting these figures took a little more time in that the first painted flesh highlight over the green undercoat did not provide enough contrast. As such, a second highlight was needed. Suitably large axes are held at the ready.

At the top of the Orcish tree sits the Troll. A lovely figure with well characterised, Chibi skeletons in his haversack. An imposing miniature in the dungeons for the brave guild to defeat. Next, a cold chill of a posting...


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