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Saturday, 23 May 2015

Colonial Defence Force - 15mm

Here are the first batch of figures painted from the Sheffield Triples haul. For these troops from GZG I tried a slightly different painting method to the one normally used. First a grey undercoat was applied, then I started with a light grey drybrush all over the figure. Next the details were block covered before applying a brown wash. Final steps were flesh highlights and the odd bit of equipment here and there. Overall I felt it did not work as well as I hoped. It certainly saved time as the figures were painted in an afternoon and a short evening; on the down side the drybrush first rather than after a wash meant that the contrast on the figures aren't so strong. I suppose it's a matter of taste.

The force has been based around 4 manouvre sections. Each section is composed of a leader with a carbine, a SAW gunner and 6 assault rifles.

To maintain firepower there are 2 support sections. In each there is a leader with carbine, 2 troopers with rocket launchers, a SAW gunner, 2 troopers with rifles and a heavy MG team.

For those close in situations there are 2 assault sections composed of an officer and 5 troopers all armed with carbines.

The force is rounded out with 4 sniper teams, a rapid deployment MG platform and a heavy support gun. I purchased a boardgame called Ars Victor which uses mechanics similar to Command Colors, so I am hoping to use these troops for this as well as Tomorrow's War. Hopefully will give a short play through of the game soon...


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