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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kingdom Building

Today's game...Kingsburg! It's been a while since the loyal and respected kingdom of Kingsburg has graced the gaming table. At the request of the Royal Queen and Prince the dice rolling, settlement developing, choice making game was rolled onto the red gaming carpet.

For those unwise or unknown to the province at the edge of the realm, Kingsburg is a game of rolling dice to choose resources; wood, stone, gold and soldiers are the cornerstones of growing and protecting your investments. The resources you accrue are used to construct buildings which garner victory points and future building benefits.

The game revolves around the seasons of the year; in between the building seasons of Spring, Summer and Autumn the King intervenes to congratulate successful players and support those falling behind the leaders. All the players grow the settlement with an eye towards the Winter. During this time an unknown horde raids the city where your soldiers hopefully provide a stout defence.

Today's game saw William take an early lead with Lucy and Grandad closely following behind. Myself and Grandma followed up the pack. The first two turns saw steady growth with an invading army of Goblins and then Undead easily being defeated. The third turn took a turn for the worst for some of the players with an unholy intervention...

William, Lucy and Grandad just managed to escape the evil clutches,mother story was not the same for Grandma and I. By a score of less than one needed to survive, we both lost a church (seven victory points) and our existing resources. Neither of us recovered from this incursion.

The game then became a three horse race for the final two turns. Victory came down to the wire. William maintained a marginal lead by building settlements that kept him a few points in the lead. The decision was made with a final attack from a Barbarian tribe. Points were shared in the defeat of the enemy host, with the King's favour granting Grandad a single point to steal the lead and a very,very close win.

A entertaining game where the dice decide...if you like dice games, none come finer than the game of Kingsburg; maybe next time we might try the expansion sitting in the gaming pile.


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