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Sunday, 24 May 2015

John Connor's latest adversaries

Still on the crest of a enthusiasm, here are two more of the Triples treasures. These are some of GZG latest offerings in the form of 15mm drones. There are several options and varieties including hoverfans. These will be used for my terminator games as early mark proxies for hunter killers.

The models were sprayed chrome, washed with a Vallejo black dip, and dry brushed with natural steel and silver. The edges were highlighted using a flat edge brush. Final touches included some peat brown wash around the top surface and wings, and a picking out of the sensors. More to follow as the enthusiastic tide begins to hit the beach!



  1. Merc grunts done..... Ha Ha!!.
    Putting in an order shortly,for a few bits from GZG

  2. Well done Daz for jumping back into the blogging pond! I tried looking at the blog but it was saying it wasn't current - did you publish some pictures?