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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

GZG 15mm Darghaur

This is the last batch of the Sheffield Triples goodies bag. It's a first in that the buys made have all been built and painted before any more figures have been purchased. The enthusiasm meter is so high that I have also found some of the 15mm sci-fi lead mountain, got it based and undercoated, and ready to be tackled next. It's been a personal achievement in that 160 figures have been painted in just over a week. I doubt this momentum will continue!

In terms of the paint job I wanted to keep it fairly simple, using greens as the basis of color choice. The figures were undercoated green (plastic soldier company U.S. spray), inked green and then dry brushed Vallejo dark green.

The carapaces were drybrushed a lighter green and then washed with a burnt sienna wash. The guns were then washed with Vallejo black dip. The faces and spots on the carapaces were then painted with Vallejo green grey. The horns were painted with Vallejo sky grey in preparation for the honor markings.

The sourcebook 'By Dagger and Talon' by Ambush Alley was used for the theme of the troops. The concept for these turtle like behemoths is That they are juggernauts of combat. They are tough, brave and telepathic to boot. Whilst they look similar, theIr defining features relate to their horns. The most successful, aggressive specimens are allowed to grow their horns showing their leadership potential. The Darghaur are so fantastic in the arts of war that they have several slave races fighting alongside them. It is these slave troops which then paint the horns to represent the troop organisation; the Darghaur do not need this as they communicate telepathically to each other. For my immediate gaming needs, these figures will provide the 'Brutes' in the boardgame Ars Victor.





  1. Flaming eck Anth,wots going on?. Ya painting like a man on a mission!!

  2. The bit is firmly placed between the teeth at the moment!