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Thursday, 4 June 2015

A message from our overseas correspondent

I'm sure that we all have long term gaming partners with whom we can share stories of our favourite tabletop victories (or more often defeats!). In the following case this gamer is not just a great opponent, but also a great friend. Phil now lives in sunny Pisa in Italy, but many years ago we gamed together during his 'student' years. What started as an exploration into the first edition into DBA lead to show tables at Partizan, games campaigns and lots of fun gaming (Phil, can you remember your imaginative use of a Cantabrian light horse circle?). We both share the passion for the hobby of bringing history to life, in the form of story telling. Even though Phil has lived in Pisa for several years, he still continues to carry the gaming torch with a small group of gamers living there.

One of Phil's enduring interests has been, and still is, the Dark Ages. He has progressed through several rule sets with a current favourite being Impetus. Phil has kindly forwarded several of his gaming adventures in picture format; the pictures here are of a Viking and Norman clash of arms. In the true tradition of story telling, if anybody wants to hazard a guess at what happened in this game...answers on a comments postcard please! Phil, if you are reading, you can adjudicate who came closest to the correct outcome...


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  1. The Normans set up a defence based on the right flank hill. The Saxons advanced battering themselves against the infantry. The Norman cavalry on the right flank swept round to take the Saxon left in a flank attack and rolled up the line.