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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Impetus - Picts versus Late Romans

Well, this is one game I can comment on! A family trip to Pisa to see Phil and family (thanks for the hospitality) a couple of years ago (oh my, time goes so quickly) generated a few opportunities for a game. The game was played on a two v two basis, with yours truly taking command of some Late Roman footmen. By the way, I'm normally happier in pictures than the one above, maybe it was the 1am photoshoot matched with my lack of understanding of the rules!

From what I remember, the game slewed diagonally across the board - Marston Moor style. The Roman cavalry beat hard against the lighter Pictish equivalents, with the Pictish hordes falling onto the Roman right flank.

The game was extremely close. A unit of Roman footmen hung on just long enough on the right flank, for the Pictish mounted General to be caught in the centre, as he re-adjusted to support the winning Pictish left flank.

The rules played were Impetus. For me, there are some similarities/acknowledgements to Armati and DBM. I think with a little more knowledge, this could be a set of rules I could enjoy. Also playing In the Dark Ages is not a period I am particularly familiar with, so this game was a pleasure to consider the abilities of the different unit types - especially those ferocious Picts!


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