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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Hammers Slammers jeeps 15mm - painted

First batch of Partizan purchases finished. These jeeps from Ainsty castings are fairly simple in design, but can be imagined moving at high speeds. I like the circular, UFO shaped design and small nature of the models. A real bargain at £5 for 4 jeeps.

I will be using these vehicles initially as 'cavalry' unit types for Ars Victor. Their lightweight but rapid design matches the unit type as they are fast moving, but not particularly hard hitting. I also bought an Ainsty combat car. I'm not sure on it's use yet, but am sure I will come up with something. The paintjob makes it look like a well used piece of equipment, perfect for my Colonial Defence Force troopers.

The painting was fairly basic with several washes and drybrushed, I used some weathering powders on the miniatures to age them somewhat. The pictures below are a snapshot diary of the painting scheme.




  1. I really love those little vehicles!! Well done!! I like a lot your work on 15mm, and you are very fast!!

  2. Many thanks Einar. Whilst the painting is quick, it certainly isn't as carefully painted as your collection. I like your careful detailing.