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Sunday, 7 June 2015

CMG grav cars 15mm - painted

In an effort to increase the amount of 'table clutter' for my skirmish gaming I bought some vehicles. Particularly for skirmishing gaming on small boards, vehicles provide that simple, but common, sight for troops to hide behind. Here's the painting log

Let me say from the start, I didn't enjoy painting these miniatures. It's probably my fault, as I didn't wash the vehicles, but the paint did just not take to the resin (particularly the yellow undercoat). When brush painting, the paint went on unevenly, with the biggest error being the application of a nut brown wash. The wash dried very unevenly, making a recovery block coverage needed.

The use of weathering powders did help to soften the wash, and I think the painting of the windows does distract marginally from the vehicle's paintwork. Oh well, they are just for the background...



  1. Like them castings. Where they from?

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  3. They're Critical Mass Games Daz, I got them from figures in comfort at Partizan. They are under the accessories section of the Critical Mass Games website