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Saturday, 13 June 2015

Critical Mass Games Protolene Walkers 15mm - painted

This is the last of the Sci-fi Partizan buys left to paint. Only some 1/2400th boats left to do. Well, when I say that, I have just been sorting out the lead mountain...

These walkers provide some nice support for the foot troops. They won't be the most heavily armoured, so some caution will be needed. Their interesting weapon is the back mortar providing some indirect fire support.

In terms of painting they were not too challenging. I used a yellow undercoat and then considered which colours would complement. Having looked at the colour wheel, purple was a complimentary choice.

After block painting I foolishly tried my brown ink wash as only part of the miniature was made of resin. Fortunately, the wash only pooled in some small areas. This was dealt with using a heavy 'German Yellow' dry brush.

I initially placed the miniatures on some circular warbases with moveable hit markers visible, the idea being that they could be used to monitor shield ratings. The bases were changed as the miniatures looked too thick compared to the other 15mm figures already painted. In this case the look took presedent over functionality.

In a way I'm glad to have finished the sci-fi stuff as energy was beginning to run low. Maybe a change of tac to painting sailing ships will provide a stout breeze to the stilling waters.



  1. The republique de franchise fleet sails on tomorrow's high tide

  2. Well done Sir, then you shall be met on the high seas and left at the sea bottom! Better get my ships started...