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Sunday, 28 February 2016

'Hedging' bets on revamping old scenery

In the spirit of 'tightening the financial belt'. (for as long as the will power lasts out) I've decided to revamp some of my home made hedges. Built around twenty years ago, from Brillo pads, my hedges have stood the test of time. However the discovery of a cheap glue gun and clump foliage made the time investment worthwhile (except for the hot glued fingers!)

They were simple enough to complete, with squeezing the foliage quickly onto the hot glued hedge, and gently brushing off the excess. Some patches that did not receive stuck clumps were touched up with ordinary PVA glue; pretty easy as this was usually on the top of the hedge. Finally I drybrushed some artist acrylic light grey on the base, to bring out the detail a little more. I've enough to make a small game table look suitably crowded, and I feel they look nice and bushy. Will use them in the next game.



  1. Those look genuinely brilliant, well done! Almost enough to finally get me to splurge on a hot glue gun!

  2. Hi A-Historian
    See that you are from Nottingham area - Hobbycraft in Nottingham selling the guns for five pounds, and 12 refill sticks for two pounds each; very economical cost! Foliage a little more expensive, about ten pounds worth

  3. Ahhh, that's really tempting. I only live just down the road from there. Are you local to the area too?

  4. About 10 miles outside of Nottingham

  5. Thanks for the tip, I got mine this evening. We should game some time!