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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tonight's rules bash

Tonight I wanted to put into place some of the decisions I had made over basing and unit overstacking. I had also revamped some of the factors for the machine guns. The game started as last week, with the German machine guns, placed on overwatch, totally punishing the American left flank. Suppressed units littered the ground, stalling any meaningful advances to contact.

A breakthrough occurred when the American mortars kicked in. They broke the backstop German HMG, which allowed a little more forward movement. Eventually the slight advantage of firepower of the American squads began to pay off. The first of three buildings occupied, with one about to be contested. Loses were fairly even with 4 units each destroyed or fled the field.

Next time, I want to introduce some armour; this will test the placement of machine guns. I'll also have to introduce anti armour elements.

On another note, I made some rough ground using a flock mat bought at Suday's railway show; pictures below...



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