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Monday, 8 February 2016

Five E-Bay buildings for 'under a tenner'

What a bargain! Was so inspired by the arrival of some railway buildings that I got out the weathering powders straight away. Five buildings for under ten pounds (excluding postage) was an absolute bargain. Whilst the scale is a little large for 15mm (HO/OO scale) if you don't look too closely, they're okay.

For me, a main problem is that they appear too modern for WWII, however after a quick Google search, they aren't too far out. Again, if you don't think too closely the imagination can do the rest for you (sorry for the purists!). They arrived unweathered, so out came the mascara pads (definitely miniature modeling only).

I've had some Vallejo powders and not found them as useful as the MIG powders...until today. They are far more subtle on plain wall surfaces than the other powders, giving a less stark contrast. I'll probably try these constructions with a skirmish game of O.S.C. when I have learnt the rules...



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