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Sunday, 14 February 2016

Consulting the tomes.

For designing the force distribution, support weapon allocations, and ability to withstand suppressions for my rules, I've re-visited on old, old friend. This was, and to a certain degree, still is, my favourite set of WWII tactical rules. From the very first scenario in Stalingrad, to the beaches of Tarawa, I love the story telling of this system. Every dice roll, movement, piece,of terrain had it's affect on the outcome. The only down side was the occasional, last turn, mad rush to achieve a victory within a scenario. However, this isn't just a problem with ASL.

So the abstraction has begun. I know this will not be accurate or balanced, but it is a starting place. I can use the ELR system to inform how much suppression a unit can take, and how to allocate support weapons; I have trimmed this ratio down so as to get a little more on the table. Here's a draft of some of my stats (and they're not finished yet by any means)



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