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Friday, 26 February 2016

Re-based 15mm German infantry

Have just about, nearly finished rebasing my German infantry in line with my ruleset (which needs a name, any ideas?). As part of the job, of have been re-touching the paintwork. Uniforms brightened up, faces highlighted with a brighter skin tone, and damaged helmets repaired and brightened up.

It's felt quite a pleasure to complete these little guys as I have fond memories of first playing with them in a past gaming group. They have certainly seen plenty of action when compared to some of my other figures and therefore needed a rest and refit.

The infantry are now on either square or round bases. Leaders are on circles, and the number of figures on a base represents their effectiveness/level in the game; I'm trying to use as many visual clues as possible to make it clear for the players. What you can see above are my squaddies; two types, the front line foots loggers and the speedier grenadier counterparts.

Next up are the support weapons on smaller bases. I've used little dice frame holders to hold key information for the game - number of hits (white dice) and number of suppressions (currently purple as they were the only dice I could get from a wargames show!). Hopefully this dynamic will allow the fact that some squads can be beaten up physically, but remain in the game, whilst other troops will refrain from action, even with minimal hits.

Next up, time to complete my U.S. Infantry.


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